University of Alaska Southeast


Company: Department of Natural Sciences, University of South Carolina Beaufort
Location: Bluffton, SC
Position: Intern - Research Assistant
Requirements: One full year of classes completed and housing

The  USCB research lab strives to understand the sensory and neurobiology of marine organisms. Specifically, they are interested in brain architecture, hearing of fish and marine mammals, and acoustic communication of aquatic vertebrates. The more applied part of the research program focuses on studies that investigate how natural and man-made stressors impact the brain, hearing, and acoustic communication. These stressors include man-made chemicals, harmful algal blooms, noise pollution, and climate change. his research involves work on biomedical models such as zebrafish, as well as wild marine organisms like spotted seatrout, red drum, and bottlenose dolphins.

Duties Include:

  • Sound production studies with fish and bottlenose dolphins (mostly fish). 
  • Maintenance of water quality sensors in the May River.
  • Zebrafish husbandry and breeding
Contact: Eric Montie and Alishia Zyer
Contact at: (843) 208-8107
Closing Date: Open Until Filled