University of Alaska Southeast


Company: Prince William Sound Science Center
Location: Cordova
Position: Fisheries Sonar Technician, short-term
Requirements: See posting

The Prince William Sound Science Center, a non-profit research and education institution located on the shores of Prince William Sound in Cordova, Alaska, is seeking two field technicians for a fisheries management related position focused on the use of imaging sonars for counting fish passage in the Copper River.

Duties: Maintain a pair of imaging sonars at a remote field site, maintain and facilitate date telemetry, and enumerate fish passage.

Approximate term: 6 weeks; 5 weeks in the field and 1 week of mobilization/demobilization. The position will begin on or about May 1st.

Responsibilities and qualifications:

  • The technicians will be responsible for the deployment, maintenance and operation of two imaging sonar systems and related data logging computers and hardware for networking and telemetry
  • Technicians will be required to live at the remote field site in a tent-based camp for the duration of the active monitoring phase
  • Candidates should be capable of working and living in remote locations under physically challenging conditions
  • Applicants must be able to occasionally lift 60 lbs
  • Candidates should be familiar with the use and operation of sonars for fisheries applications, and proficient in the use of small boats.

See the PWS Science Center Fisheries Technician posting for more information. 

Contact: Rob Campbell
Contact at:
Closing Date: Monday, March 5