University of Alaska Southeast

Job Posting

Company: Cruise Line Agencies of Alaska
Location: Juneau, AK
Position: Vessel Agent
Requirements: See position link

Position Duties

A Vessel Agent provides in port service to ocean going vessels and their crew. These services include, but are not limited to: liaising with officers and crew; communications with government authorities and local businesses on the vessel's behalf; communicating (written, verbal, intercultural, interpersonal); acquisition of services and supplies; coordinating transportation needs; port logistics; interacting with stevedores; assisting in crisis management, planning and scheduling. The successful applicant must also be willing to work a flexible schedule and overtime as needed to successfully conclude a vessel’s business needs for the day.

The position of Vessel Agent is a full time seasonal position. The position begins during the first week of May and ends the last week of September each calendar year. Hours and workdays may vary depending on when ships arrive in port and ships assigned to the Agent.

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Minimum Qualifications

The applicant must have the following minimum qualifications:

  •  Be a U.S. citizen or have a valid U.S. Immigration worker's permit
  •  At least a high school graduate or equivalent level of education
  •  Be of at least 18 years of age
  •  Possess a current and valid driver's license
  •  Have work experience related to the duties as described above
  •  Must be bondable
  •  Must be eligible for a Transportation Worker Identification Credential

Sarting pay for Vessel Agent: $12/hour

Contact: Holly Reeder
Contact at: 907-586-1282
Closing Date: Open until filled