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Job Posting

Company: State of Alaska Division of Forestry
Location: Fairbanks, AK
Position: Forester I
Requirements: See job posting

Alaska Division of Forestry is Hiring Forester I’s part of the Interior Alaska Forest Inventory Project Alaska Division of Forestry

PCN: 10-N19015, 10-N19016

Field Schedule: 9 days on, 5 days off; 10-12 hour workdays, overtime eligible

Job Description: lead crews to helicopter and hike-in sites throughout Interior Alaska to install new forest inventory plots and take measurements on trees, soils, fuels, understory vegetation, etc. Work cooperatively with US Forest Service and implement Forest Inventory & Analysis protocol. Perform flight-following, daily scheduling, and helicopter manager duties. Complete pre- and post-season tasks such as training development, manage equipment inventory, obtain landowner permission, etc.

Desired qualifications: experience organizing logistics & staff to meet field objectives, knowledge of forest measurements and measurement equipment backcountry navigation and travel experience, supervisory experience leading crews in remote settings, Interagency aviation qualifications or previous work-related helicopter experience.

Minimum qualifications: Bachelor's degree from an accredited college in forestry, natural resources, or a closely related field that includes a minimum of 24 semester hours in forestry or closely related curricula
an Associate’s degree that includes a minimum of 24 semester hours in Forestry or closely-related curricula and two years’ journey level experience in technical aspects of forest management and practices
Certification from an accredited vocational technical school in forestry, natural resource management or a closely related field and three years of journey level experience in the technical aspects of forest management and practices

Job announcement.

To apply and for a full job description, visit the online application here.

Contact: Andrew Allaby and Luke Gasek (Hiring Managers)
Contact at: (907) 451-2614,
(907) 451-2606,
Closing Date: February 11, 2019 at 5 PM