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Job Posting

Company: Heart School
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Position: English Teacher - Japan
Requirements: Bachelor Degree

Heart English School is seeking new foreign staff members. The world economy has currently made finding a job difficult almost everywhere, especially for new college graduates. However, the demand for native English teachers in Japan has remained fairly stable. The primary positions offered by Heart are Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) and English Teacher. The two major responsibilities of these positions are to provide excellent quality English lessons and to facilitate the internationalization of Japanese students. Some key characteristics of each position are listed below 

Assistant Language Teacher:

The role of an ALT has two main duties:Providing fun and effective English lessons and Internationalizing Japanese youth. It’s true that Japanese youth are exposed to many Western influences through TV, movies, music, and fashion, but the population in Japan is approximately 98.5 percent Japanese and only 1.5 percent foreigners. Therefore, Japanese youth have very few opportunities to interact with foreigners, let alone practice English communication. Having direct experience and interactions with foreign people and their culture often has a more visceral and lasting influence. Therefore it is important for ALTs to help bridge this gap by giving students first-hand knowledge and experience of different cultures, as well as providing fun and effective English lessons. However, the nature and responsibilities of an ALT are slightly different in terms of teaching in elementary schoolsjunior high schools, and high schools(*Positions are mostly available for elementary and junior high schools. There aren’t many positions in high schools).

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Contact: Miwako Kikuchi
Contact at: 029-226-8010/FAX:029-233-3455
Closing Date: Open until filled