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Job Posting

Company: People Recruit
Location: South Korea
Position: English Teacher - South Korea
Requirements: Bachelor Degree

If you have a bachelor's degree and are looking for something new and exciting, then you should consider coming to South Korea to teach English! Here at People Recruit we are dedicated to finding good reliable jobs that allow you to embark on a great new adventure as comfortably as you can. We have many different job opportunities all over South Korea. All you need is a degree, an open mind and a good attitude and you too can join the hundreds of thousands of other native English speakers who have come to Korea to take advantage of this great opportunity. Contact us and find out about all the great teaching opportunities in South Korea.

The followings are the general conditions of a school in Korea.
- The period of the contract is a year.

- The average pay is 2.1-2.3million won a month, which is around 2,100- 2,300 USD.

- Cheap living expenses

- Tax rate will be around 3.3%.

- Working days are from Monday to Friday.

- Teaching hours are usually 30 hours a week.

- Cheap living expenses

- save up to 1500USD a month!

And your future school will offer the following benefits.
- Free furnished accommodation
(Single or shared housing - in case of a shared housing, don't worry, you will have a separate bedroom).

- Round trip airfare
(The school will buy you a one-way ticket at first for you to come to Korea, and then upon completing the 1 year contract, the school will buy a one-way ticket for you to go home.)

- Upon completing your 1-year contract, you will get an extra monthly salary as a bonus.

- 50% of medical insurance premium.

- 10 days paid vacation.

There is no fee for our service, as we are paid by the schools that receive our clients. We initially work with to answer your many questions about living and working in South Korea and find a position that suits your personal needs. We then guide you through the process of interviewing with employers and obtaining a Visa. While the visa process is being take care of, we will organize your flight to Korea and your school will pay for it in advance!

We encourage you to visit our website for a more detailed account of our company. Or, you may simply email any questions to . For those with an adventurous spirit, South Korea is an exciting place to live. I hope to hear from you soon.

Contact: Wonny Hwang
Contact at: (051) 644-8906 / 8907
Closing Date: Open until filled