University of Alaska Southeast

Job Posting

Company: Juneau School District
Location: Juneau
Position: Tutor - AVID Program, middle and high schools
Requirements: Open to all students

Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID), is a college readiness system being implemented at the middle and high schools in the Juneau School District.

This is a part time position, less than 15 hours per week - Actual work schedule is dependent upon the job. This hourly tutor will have a flex schedule and could work one or more days a week, at one or more schools. 

Currently hiring for Wednesdays, 2:15-4:15 at JDHS, Fridays 10:00-11:45 at FDMS, and Thursday 10:50-12:45 at DHMS.

The following are the steps required to join our AVID team as well as get paid! Please let Ryia Waldern ( or Mara Early (  know if you have any questions in the hiring process.

  • Step 1: Interview
    • With Ryia Waldern or Mara Early
    • Choose what times would work best for you in our tutoring schedule
  • Step 2: Apply online
    • Go to: Juneau School District website
    • Click on "Jobs" tab (across the top on the right)
    • Click on "Non-Permanent Positions" in the left hand column
    • Scroll towards the bottom and click "Non-Permanent/Hourly Position JobID: 307"
    • Click the orange "apply" button and complete the application
  • Step 3: Tutor position offered / accepted - Forms/Fingerprints
    • Once you have been offered a position and you accept then you will need to fill out a couple forms as well as get fingerprinted.
    • Both a W-4 and I-9 will both be required, a updated one for every year. Please turn it into our  payroll office located in the district office downtown at 1208 Glacier Hwy.
      • To access forms you can go to district office or go to the juneau school district website and scroll over employees, click payroll department link in drop down box, click link to W-4 federal tax  
    • Fingerprinting will be required (unless already have them on file from last year-fingerprints are good for 2 years). AVID will pay for the fingerprinting but you will need to see Human Resources for an appropriate form to complete.  Please set up a fingerprinting appointment with Suzanne Ainsworth at Community Schools @ 523-1761.  Her office is located at JDHS.  Before your appointment stop at the district's HR offices to complete your paperwork and then go to your fingerprint appointment at JDHS; since both buildings are in close proximity.  
  • Step 4: Training
    • Join Mara Early and Ryia Waldern for tutor training Saturday to understand your role and position
  • Step 5: Placement
    • Once all paperwork is completed and HR has approved we will call and let you know you can begin working within the school.  

Pay starts at $15.00 per hour - unless you completed the training last year then your pay begins at $18.00 per hour.  Once you complete 16 hours (to include in class training with a host AVID teacher and out of class training time with Mara/Ryia) of required AVID tutorial training your compensation will bumped to $18.00 per hour.  Please remember you may be in different buildings, but may not exceed 14.75 hours per week. The AVID teachers will track your hours and will inform Ryia Waldern once you have completed your school based training hours. 

Contact: Ryia Waldern
Contact at:
Closing Date: Open until filled