University of Alaska Southeast

Job Posting

Company: West-side Kodiak Setnet Site
Location: Kodiak, AK
Position: Crewmember
Requirements: Physically fit; interested in learning knots

We're looking for a crewmember at a large family run West side Kodiak Setnet site, from roughly June 1 until the 15th of September.

General work is setting, maintaining, and harvesting salmon from nets daily when the season is open.  Other work includes cleaning and maintaing nets, setting lines and anchors, hauling ice and fuel, etc.

No fishing experience is required, but applicants must be physically fit, get along well with others, and be interested in learning lines, knots, rigging, and small boat handling skills.

Living is off grid about 3 miles away from a small village with a large fish processing plant.  Cabins have solar power with generator backup.  Running water, satellite internet.

Pay is percentage of catch with no deductions for operating expenses (food fuel etc.)

Contact: Peter Danelski
Contact at: (907)-654-7367
Closing Date: Open until filled