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Company: Northline Seafoods
Location: Sitka, AK
Position: Seafood Processor
Requirements: See job description

Seafood Processor

Job Overview: Northline Seafoods is seeking to reliable, conscientious individuals to work on our
floating fish processor this summer in Bristol Bay, Alaska. We have positions from June through
August, with the possibility that high-performing employees will be invited to extend into September.
The starting wage is $15 / hour, $22.50 overtime. Up to half of projected hours worked are anticipated
as overtime hours.
Who We Are: Northline Seafoods is doing something new: we purchase fresh-caught salmon directly
on the fishing grounds, and we flash-freeze it whole to ultra-low temperatures on our processing
barge. The result is great fish, a light ecological footprint, and the ability to give our fishers a living
income from their work.
• A strong candidate will be reliable, punctual, and hard-working. We provide on-the-job
training, so previous industry experience is not required. Stamina, however, is essential, and a
sense of humor is helpful.
Responsibilities and Duties:
• Fish purchasing. Northline processors will be helping our fishers to deliver their fish. This
entails assisting boats with tie-up at the barge; logging purchase data into tablets; using cranes
to hoist brailer bags from boat holds; sorting salmon at the purchasing line; and assisting with
quality tests at the point of purchase.
• Freezing. Purchased salmon are stored in slush ice tanks until we’re ready to freeze them. Our

processors will run the fish elevator and pump that move the salmon from the tanks to the pre-
freeze room; they will sort salmon onto freezer racks; and they will move the racks into the

• Break-Out. Frozen salmon are “broken out” of their freezer racks and into storage totes.
Processors will do the break-out, pack and close totes, and stage the totes for forklift transport
to a holding barge.
• Offload. Processors will stage totes for transition from the holding barge to our offload vessel.
• Many Other Things. We do our own cleaning, basic repairs, laundry, and upkeep. We monitor
data on tank capacity and freezer performance. We run with the crew boat to Dillingham for
supplies and errands. The best candidates will be willing to learn and pitch in as needed.
• Free food. Food will be plentiful, hot, and good.

• Free housing. Each processor will have accommodations on the barge, most (but likely not all)
in single rooms.
• Free round-trip airfare between your home city and Bristol Bay.
• Stories that are going to be more interesting than those that come with ordinary jobs.
Realities (a very incomplete list):
• Hard work. You’ll be doing strenuous, and often wet, physical labor.
• Cold. You’ll be moving fish into and out of freezers.
• Bad internet. Our satellite-based connection is plodding at best.
• Dodgy weather. Summer in Alaska can be more “Alaska” than “summer.”
• Must be 18 years of age.
• Must provide proper documentation for employment authorization in the United States.
• Must be able to work long hours, standing for periods at a time, and regularly lift and move
objects of up to 50 lbs.
• Must speak and understand basic English, for safety purposes,
How to Apply: Please send a resume and reference list to, or drop
them off in person at 4690 Sawmill Creek Road, Sitka, AK 99835.

Contact: Northline Seafoods
Contact at:
Closing Date: Open Until Filled