University of Alaska Southeast

Job Posting

Company: Secon / Juneau Aggpro
Location: Juneau, AK
Position: Quality Control Technician, seasonal full-time
Requirements: Capability of lifting equipment up to 100 lbs
Summary: Job duration: April 15 - October 15 with 40+ hours per week. 

Minimum qualifications include:
  • Proficiency in basic mathematics and computer skills
  • Capability of lifting samples or equipment up to 100 pounds

Job duties include:

  • Sampling and testing aggregate and hot mix asphalt
  • Monitoring compaction of the asphalt pavement and asphalt curing of the finished pavement

Individuals who meet requirements and demonstrate a strong work ethic will be trained.

Visit the Secon/Aggpro website for more information and to apply online.
Contact: Jenny Huntley
Contact at: (907)-780-6565 (Aggpro)
(907)-780-5145 (Secon)
Closing Date: May 31, 2017