University of Alaska Southeast

Job Posting

Company: South East Regional Resource Center
Location: Juneau, AK
Position: Afterschool Programs Instructor - Part-time
Requirements: See Job Posting for details

This is a part-time position that plans, develops and implements the literacy-based SERRC Family Learning Center program at Gruening Park. This position collaborates with community partners in planning and delivering the afterschool and summer programs.

The primary functions of this position include recruiting families and children, assessing and identifying literacy and education needs, delivering afterschool and summer learning activities in the Center, and strengthening families by promoting positive parenting involvement. This position maintains data and completes reports.

Job Qualifications:

Experience working with people of varying socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds

Education and/or experience in education, social work, or counseling and working with school-aged children

Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Organized, with demonstrated ability to plan, deliver and manage programming, logistics and schedules

Able to work a flexible workday

Position Duties/Responsibilities:

  • Promote program with residents and local community networks
  • Enroll, assess, plan and document progress of children
  • Develop curriculum and activities for afterschool and summer programs
  • Implement after-school club activities, summer programs and family night programs
  • Support school district staff to aid student learning in the classroom
  • Collect program data and prepare reports for submission to granting agencies
  • Other duties as assigned
Contact: Julie Staley - Associate Director
Contact at: (907) 586-6806
Closing Date: Open until filled