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Celebrating Graduates 2014
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Mallory Story : 2014 Outstanding Graduate — Social Sciences

Mallory Story, Outstanding Graduate — Social Sciences

Lingít yóo xh'atángi sh tóo xhaltóow ách áwé sh tóoghaa xhaaditee. The interdisciplinary approach to the social science program was its greatest strength for me. The connections between fields helped me to appreciate the need to connect university education with community, identity and place. My place-based education came largely from learning the Lingít language on campus.

My final semester at UAS culminated with the passage of the official language bill making Alaska Native languages equal with English as official languages of the state. This bill was largely passed by the pressure felt from the bodies filling the capital building during the 16 hour sit-in and a flood of calls and emails to representatives and senators. As I saw teachers and friends from my language classes stand in the hallways I was overwhelmed at the intersection of Lingít language studies and human rights activism.

I live in Juneau so learning the language helps me understand my role and responsibilities of living on Lingít land. However, anyone coming to study at UAS can learn so much about the geography, history, food and art of this place by learning Lingít language. You will be met by a community that wants you to succeed. Gunalchéesh ldakát yeewhaan. ~Mallory Story

Mallory Story has a strong academic record in the Social Sciences and has been very involved with programs like Alaska Native Studies as well as the Flying University, which brings UAS students into the Lemon Creek facility on a weekly basis to read and discuss literature, history, philosophy, and politics. Mallory is recognized as a critical thinker who did particularly strong work in her upper division Psychology courses. She is a role model for her peers, and is generous and insightful when offering feedback and commentary on other students' work.

UAS' 2014 Juneau Commencement will be held May 4 at 2:00 p.m. at the UAS Recreation Center.

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Crystal Rogers is receiving her Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree in Independent Design, focusing on the art, language, government and history of indigenous and Western societies in Alaska, with a minor in Tlingit.

Learn more about Crystal Rogers, this year's student speaker at the UAS Commencement in Juneau on May 6th.