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Celebrating Graduates 2014
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Ray Howard: 2014 Outstanding Graduate — Public Administration

Ray Howard, Outstanding Graduate — Public Admin.

I completed my undergrad in Business Administration at Washington State University.  I started a position with the federal government in Sitka (1993) doing budget and finance work.  In the late 1990’s I took several accounting courses through UAS and really took a liking to the school.  My family and I currently live in Juneau where I am continuing my career with the federal government. 

I chose UAS because of the location and fields of study being offered. I wanted my degree to be based upon a thorough curriculum with thoughtful interaction between students and professors.  I had no need for the high profile name and notoriety that some schools promote.

The curriculum of the UAS MPA is “right on” for what I wanted.  The curriculum covers the subjects that ANY public administrator needs, whether at the municipal, state, federal or non-profit level.  I now have the knowledge to do my job better and prepare for future career opportunities.

The School of Management faculty had me coming back class after class.  The passion, knowledge and experience of the SOM faculty were strong motivators.  SOM faculty thrive on sharing their specialties and knowledge.  After putting in a full day at the office, it was their passion that drove me to attend class and do my homework.

The MPA program was attended by people just like me trying to improve their knowledge and skill.   It was so interesting to find out that all organizations suffer at times from similar problems. Problems that may be related to organizational structure, budget, or leadership.  The MPA helps students prepare for those problems, by offering knowledge, skills and solutions.

I could not have asked for anything better than what I got through the MPA program at UAS.  The core courses and electives provided a perfect knowledge base to excel in my current job and prepare for future opportunities.  The passion and knowledge of the instructors made my pursuit of the MPA memorable.  I don’t miss the extra work, but I sorely miss meeting weekly with a group of dedicated, knowledgeable and driven individuals that are striving to improve.

What an awesome learning environment!  The program makes attendance, communication and coordination with the instructor and class so easy.  You can attend from anywhere and get a fantastic education. ~Ray Howard

UAS' 2014 Juneau Commencement will be held May 4 at 2:00 p.m. at the UAS Recreation Center.

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