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Nov 28 2016: All semesters except the current one have migrated to the new UA Blackboard server (SIBL) - to copy content from earlier semesters to Fall 2017 you just need to do a course copy  (see below).  Fall 2016 (the current semester) will be migrated during winter break.  If you want to transfer content to next semester before then you'll need to do an export/import.  Here are step-by-step instructions for Export/Import - use only for transfer from Fall 2016 courses to next semester - otherwise use Course Copy. 

Use Course Copy to transfer course material and activities from one course to another.  (When Blackboard courses are on different servers you'll need to Export then Import).

You must be careful when doing a course copy to always copy things that are linked together.  For example, deployed tests  (tests posted in a content area where students would see them) are linked to both the Grade Center and to Tests, Surveys and Pools (in the Control Panel> Course Tools).  The safest course is to copy everything then delete what you don't want.

Important changes from default choices 

Discussion Forums:  One improvement is that now when you copy Discussion forums you get the choice to copy "starter" threads or to copy only the forums so that they will be "empty" in the new course.  The latter is unfortunately not the default although it is what most people will want (unless they regularly post "starter" threads for students to reply to and want to copy those).  Scroll down the list of items to be copied and you'll find these choices under Discussions.
Options for copying discussions

File Attachments: It is safer to copy all files in your course - choosing to copy only the files directly linked may miss some files such as images embedded in test questions.  You'll have three choices for file attachments - the third is the safest choice.  (The only time this is a problem is if you have a very large number of unused files in your course - in that case it might be necessary to go to Control Panel > Files and delete large unused files.)

Choices for File Attachments


  • In the OLD course go to Control Panel > Packages and Utilities > Course Copy
  • Brows and select the NEW course and Select All to choose all course components
  • Note the warnings above for important changes from default options
  • Submit, get a Success message and wait for an email
  • DO NOT EDIT the new course until all material is copied - it's usually best to wait a half hour or more (and to close your browser entirely and log in anew) before editing the NEW course.

More tips and Step-by-Step Instructions

If you use Due Dates or set availability by date then you will want to learn about the Blackboard "Date Management" tool - it lets you easily change dates after copying a course from one semester to another.


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