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The UAS Peer Review Rubric is a tool to enhance the consistent review of online courses and teaching. It is meant to assist faculty in the continual improvement of their courses. When applying the rubric to any given course, some areas may be more relevant than others, depending upon the subject matter and the decisions faculty make when designing and structuring their course materials.

This is a flexible tool built to elicit constructive comments to improve the learning experience for our students. The rubric is designed to assist faculty in the initial development and construction, the review, the evaluation, and the redesign of courses.


The UAS Peer Review Checklist is an abbreviated version of the rubric. It was designed to be an instrument that faculty could use as a checklist or inventory of items that exemplary courses contain or ways that they are organized to meet national best practices. This checklist can be used by faculty as they develop an online course, or by faculty who are interested in improving a course already developed. The bolded items in the checklist indicate areas that must pass review.


Each year, the Committee for Course Improvement completes a written report which is shared with the UAS Sitka Director, Regional TLTR, and the UAS Provost. These reports highlight the year's achievements and detail our direction for the following year. You are welcome to review each of our year-end reports.

2015 Report

2014 Report

2013 Report

2012 Report

2011 Report


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