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The peer review process consists of two phases. You will receive a letter after each phase that will be appropriate for your tenure and review file. The letter will detail the extent of your participation in this professional development opportunity.

  1. The first part is the review of your course by three qualified peer reviewers. The reviewers will share their findings with you formally in writing and in person (or audio-conference) so you can discuss their remarks and understand their comments.
  2. After receiving your peer review feedback, you can decide whether you’d like to modify your course or enhance your course based upon your peer review comments. If you decide to modify your course, an instructional designer will work with you.
Instructional Designer for UAS Faculty:

Maureen O'Halloran



Before the Review

Before the review, you will need to:

  • Teach the course at least once.
  • Download and review the UAS Peer Review Rubric and Checklist (located in the Documents section).
  • Consult with an instructional designer about whether your course is ready for review. You may want to make some revisions or modifications before even moving forward with the Peer Review. The instructional designer can help you with this.

Apply for Review

To apply for a review, you will need to complete the Course Peer Review Application Form.

At this time, we plan to complete one formal review each semester. We will look at each application to be sure that the course is ready for the review process and that we have qualified reviewers ready for the task.

You should hear from a member of the committee within two weeks of your application as to the status of your application. Should we have a wait-list of faculty requesting reviews, we might suggest other options such as an informal review with an Instructional Designer or with a colleague.

Accepted for Review

Once you are accepted for a course review you will be contacted by the lead reviewer for your committee. You will be asked to complete the Faculty/Course Information Form. This form allows you to provide your reviewers with information about your course that they might not readily be aware of. The information on this form helps reviewers better understand your course before they access your online course site.

Your lead reviewer will be in contact with you throughout the peer review process, by telephone, in person, or by email.

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Three reviewers will be chosen to review your course. All reviewers will have taken the QM Applying the Rubric course. At least one reviewer will be a content expert in your field or in a closely related field.

The reviewers will be placed into your course as Teaching Assistants.

The reviewers will review your course using the Peer Review Rubric and will prepare detailed comments about how your course looks in relationship to each of the 5 standards.

During the review, you must be available for potential questions from the committee by phone or email.

At the conclusion of Phase 1, you will receive a detailed summary and then have a meeting with the reviewers so that you can ask any questions you have about the Peer Review results.

You will receive a letter thanking you for your participation in the Peer Review process. This can be added to your promotion and tenure file.

After Phase One

You can make the decision about whether or not you would like to make any of the recommended improvements. It's totally up to you. If you choose to do so, an Instructional Designer will assist you.

Put in the necessary work to make your course ready for another (shorter) review.

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Should you decide to complete Phase Two, contact peer reviewers to let them know you are ready for your second review.

You will be asked to share with reviewers any modifications you made to the course.

Reviewers will examine your course modifications and alter their overall rating and comments for each standard as needed.

You will receive a new detailed summary of your results.

You will receive a letter thanking you for your participation in the Peer Review process. This can be added to your promotion and tenure file.


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