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How are Softchalk Lessons saved on my Computer?

When you save a Softchalk Lesson the program creates a folder with the name of your lesson.  Inside that folder you'll find html files and and other support files.  All the "extra" information Softchalk adds is saved inside those files.

To open a Softchalk Lesson you

  • Open the Softchalk program
  • From within the program either choose from recently opened lessons or
  • Choose open and browse to the folder that was saved - open any of the html files.  The "index.html" will be the first page in your lesson.

When you "export" a lesson as zipped or SCORM package that package will also be saved in the same folder.

How do I embed a Youtube video in my lesson?

Embedding a video means it shows up directly on the page rather than as a link.

The embed code is pasted into Softchalk as a "widget". 

  • Go to Youtube and find the video you are interested in embedding
  • Click "Share" and then "Embed" below the video
  • Check the box "Use Old Embed Code"
  • Make selections for size, etc.
  • Copy the embed Code

Back in your Softchalk Less:

  • Choose Insert and then Widget
  • Click "Widget Code"
  • Paste in the embed code.
  • Submit

The video will not show up in Edit mode - you'll need to preview the page to see it.


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