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UAS is conducting a trial of the tool "Kaltura" within Blackboard for Spring 2018 semester. This is only a trial. We need feedback from faculty to decide whether is worthwhile to adopt Kaltura as a UAS tool.

Kaltura is a tool that lets you create presentations and videos (including webcam, narrated PowerPoint and screen capture) and will also host videos that you've created elsewhere. The tool has an interface with Blackboard which means both you and your students can create videos and presentations and can post them in your class in such a way that viewing is restricted to class members. Faculty are being asked to volunteer to test out this tool both by creating videos or presentations and by assigning projects to students. These can be as simple as using a webcam to create a short video, trying out the screencapture to demonstrate something on your computer or creating a narrated PowerPoint presentation.

The "Getting Started" file above does not describe all aspects of Kaltura. To learn more go to

which is a series of tutorials in the form of an online course in which you can enroll.


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