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Blackboard Collaborate - updates!

What is Blackboard Collaborate? - Blackboard Collaborate is a webconferencing system that lets you hold real time meetings with your students.  It includes tools such as audio, chat, an interactive whiteboard, ability to load and show PowerPoint presentations  (but no animation effects), and low resolution "webcam" video.  Additional tools include the ability to create "breakout" rooms and conduct polls.

For Spring 2016  - A new version of Blackboard Collaborate in now the default in UAS Blackboard courses. The WebMeeting link will access both the new Blackboard Collaborate meeting rooms and the Collaborate recordings.  In older courses the "Webmeeting Archive" link will still point to older recordings for a while but these will be unavailable after a short time (previous announcements said they would be unavailable after 2015)

 Guides and demos for Blackboard Collaborate moderators:

Using Collaborate

Install the Launcher Program

The new version requires a one time installation of the "Launcher" program (by both faculty and students on every computer they will use to attend class.  This does NOT require administrative access to install but some people on computers with added security restrictions may need help to install it. Blackboard Collaborate no longer depends on your computer's version of "Java".

Using Collaborate (WebMeeting) in your Blackboard course

Beginning with Spring 2016 each Blackboard Course site will have a "WebMeeting" link which goes to the new Blackboard Collaborate Manager, It is unavailable to students by default.

  • To make this link available to students you'll need to use the drop-down menu (circle arrow) that appears to the right of the WebMeeting link when you move your mouse/cursor over the word "WebMeeting".  Choose "Show Link" to make the link available to students.
  • To Join a Meeting - click on the WebMeeting link and then click on "Join Room".  There you will have a chance to both install the Launcher program (if needed) and to click again on Join Room to enter the Collaborate meeting.
  • A file called meeting.collab will be available.  Run this file or save to your computer and then run it.
How to Access Recordings

Recordings are also accessed through the WebMeeting link.  (In the older version they were accessed separately through a WebMeeting Archives link - this link is no longer needed and can be deleted if you have copied it from an older course)

See the Frequently Asked Questions (menu on the left) for topics such as: How to find recordings, How to hide recordings, How to invite Guests and more!

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