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Note - this applies to the older version of Collaborate - if you are using the newer 2015 version then see the Frequently Asked Questions

Obtaining a link for your meeting

You can obtain a URL (web link) for your Collaborate meeting. 

  • Go to the Tools menu
  • Choose  Tools > In-Session Invite > Invite New Participant

You'll get a dialog box that lets you either send an email or copy the link for your meeting.

Add yourself to your class as a participant

If you can, it can be helpful to join your meeting as a participant (using a second laptop or computer).  This lets you see the student view and monitor what happens during application sharing or other activities.

  • Obtain a link using the In-session invite as described above
  • Paste that URL into a browser on the second computer.

What happens when you follow the link to your meeting?

When you (or a guest participant or speaker) joins your meeting it will not act the same as when joining the meeting from the Webmeeting link in your course.


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