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The Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching at UAS brings faculty and staff together to create a community that supports excellence in teaching, student learning and effective use of educational technology.

CELT serves faculty at all three UAS campuses (Juneau, Ketchikan and Sitka).  Physically we are located in Room 103 of the Egan Library.


Instructional Design: CELT incorporates the former Instructional Design Center and provides support for faculty in eLearning courses - whether distance delivered, hybrid or face-to-face classes incorporating instructional technology.

Workshops and Webinars: CELT holds faculty workshops covering both pedagogy and technical training.

One-on-one support and consultation: We are available for everything from "just in time" support and help to consultation and eLearning course development. Support is offered in person and by phone, email and webconference.

Professional Development Opportunities: CELT is exploring opportunities for faculty to participate in online courses and econferences as well as other professional development opportunities.

Online Technology Training: Instructors can take our online course Blackboard; Instructor Orientation


Peer Review of Online Courses: We are following up on the Sitka Campus Title III Peer Review Project by joining the UA wide "Quality Matters" consortium. 


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