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The purpose of CACNE  is to provide the Chancellor with recommendations for improving Alaska Native student success.  Most of the recommendations should be broad and strategic, but more tactical suggestions are welcome.   Native student success should be interpreted broadly, i.e., it includes Native People (students, staff, and faculty), Native places (e.g., NRSC), and Native programs (e.g., Native Languages/Studies).  



The committee shall include UAS Alaska Native Faculty, Staff, Students and Alumni, as well as local Alaska Native leaders from partner organizations and an elder.    

Co-chairs:  Xh'unei Lance Twitchell (faculty) and Dax̱Kilatch Kolene James (staff).


Meeting Frequency

Three regular meetings during the fall, and spring term.  Special meetings as needed.



UAS Faculty and Staff

Ernestine Hayes, Humanities Faculty

Lance Twitchell, Humanities Faculty

Alberta Jones, Education Faculty

Joe Nelson, Vice Chancellor

Gail Cheney, HR Director

Kolene James, NRSC

Ronalda Cadiente-Brown, Indigenous and Multicultural Education and


Davina Drones, Humanities Staff

Wayne Price, Humanities Faculty

Angie Lunda, Education Faculty

Dannielle Carlson, Recruitment Staff


UAS Students

Wooch.een Officers


Local Native Community Leaders/Partners

Richard Peterson, CCTHITA

Anthony Mallott, Sealaska

Charles Clement, SEARHC

Kevin Shipley, Sealaska Heritage

Dionne Cadiente-Laiti, Goldbelt Heritage

Barbara Cadiente-Nelson, JSD Indian Studies

Sarah Dybdahl, CCTHITA

Konrad Frank, AASB

Phyllis Carlson, Sealaska


UAS Alumni


Marie Olson


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