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In recognition of the importance of citizen involvement in the planning and implementation of higher education programs and services for the state of Alaska, the Board of Regents hereby establishes Campus Councils for the University of Alaska Southeast.   These councils, advisory in nature, shall offer guidance to each local educational unit and serve as a link for its public constituencies to the Board of Regents.

The chancellor shall appoint no fewer than 7 and no more than 15 persons to serve on a council in Juneau and in each community or region where a university campus is located.   Council membership should be broadly representative of the constituencies served by the campus.

Council members shall serve without compensation but may be reimbursed for reasonable and necessary travel expenses in accordance with Policy and Regulation.

Membership on Campus Council

Membership on Campus Councils shall be determined as follows:

  1. Council members shall be residents of the campus service area. To assure vital community interests are considered, members from the following categories are recommended:
    • Local Government
    • School District
    • State Government
    • Federal Government
    • Military
    • Chamber of Commerce
    • Native Corporations

Council members appointed from one of the organizations specified in category #1 may serve until leaving the organization.

Local members of the Alaska Legislature, the president of the UAS Alumni Association and former regents of the University of Alaska may serve as ex officio members unless appointed to a designated or at-large seat.

  1. Council members shall be appointed for terms not to exceed four years.  Terms of membership will be staggered to provide overlap of incumbent and new members, and members shall be eligible to serve a maximum of three consecutive terms.
  2. All terms of appointment shall expire on June 30.
  3. At least three months prior to the expiration date of an appointment, the Campus Council shall solicit nominations for new members.
  4. The Campus Council will review the nominations and forward a list of nominees through the chief administrative officer to the chancellor at least 30 days prior to the effective date of the new appointment.   Appointments will be made by the chancellor.   Vacancies occurring during a term shall be filled in a similar manner and replacements shall complete the unexpired portion of the term.   The Campus Council may make recommendations concerning membership.

Powers, Duties, and Responsibilities of Campus Councils

The powers, duties, and responsibilities of each Campus Council shall be as follows:

  1. Advocate the interests of the campus.
  2. Participate in the recruitment, and selection, of the respective local campus chief administrative officer.
  3. Review the development of new program proposals, proposals to change existing programs, and proposals to eliminate programs.
  4. Participate in the development of campus and university mission statements, master and annual plans.
  5. Review of the proposed annual capital and operating budget requests before their submission.
  6. Review and recommend, through appropriate administrative channels, changes in Policy and Regulation.
  7. Submit reports from time-to-time to the Board of Regents on the activities and needs of the campus.
  8. Assist the chief administrative officer of the campus in the identification and development of private and public sources of revenue.
  9. Recommend members to serve on the Campus Council.
  10. Suggest ways to involve the university with the community.
  11. Encourage community participation and support in the development of university activities.
  12. Other duties at the request of the Chancellor.

Juneau Campus Advisory Council

  • Mr. Walter Majoros, Executive Director, Juneau Youth Services, Inc.
  • Dr. Susan Alexander, Program Manager, Land and Watershed Management, US Forest Service
  • Mr. Jesse Kiehl, Liaison, City and Borough of Juneau Assembly
  • Mr. Charles Bill, Chief Executive Officer, Bartlett Regional Hospital
  • Ms. Pamela Day, Human Resources Consultant, Alaska State Department of Personnel
  • Ms. Nancy DeCherney, Executive Director, Juneau Arts & Humanities Council
  • Mr. Mark Miller, Superintendent, Juneau School District
  • Ms. Rosemary Hagevig, AARP Alaska
  • Mr. Steve Hamilton, General Manager, Westmark Baranof Hotel
  • Mr. Bill Legere, President & General Manager, KTOO
  • Mr. Richard Peterson, President, Central Council Tlingit & Haidi Indan Tribes of Alaska
  • Ms. Karen Taug, Goldbelt Inc.
  • Mr. Mike Satre, Government & Community Relations Manager, Hecla-Greens Creek Mining Company
  • Mr. Dante Reyes, Elgee Rehfeld, Mertz, LLC
  • Ms. Andi Story, Juneau School District Board
  • Mr. Sander Schijvens, CEO, Wostmann & Associates
  • Mr. Jim Strader, Director, Community Relations & Marketing, Bartlett Hospital
  • Captain Shannan Greene, US Coast Guard
  • Former Regent Gordon Evans, ex officio
  • UA Regent Dale Anderson, ex officio
  • UA Regent Kenneth Fisher, ex officio
  • USUAS President Callie Conerton, ex officio
  • UASAA President Mr. David Campbell, ex officio
  • Chancellor Richard A. Caulfield, Ph.D., ex officio
  • Bruce Botelho, ex officio

Council meets each month September through May in the UAS Egan Classroom Wing, Glacier View Room. The next meeting will be October 5, 2015.

Ketchikan Campus Advisory Council

  • Keith Anderson, Ketchikan Ministerial Association
  • Bess Clark, Community Connections
  • Susan Bethel, Big Dog Realty
  • Bill Rotecki, Ketchikan Gateway Borough
  • Helen Mickel, Tongass Federal Credit Union
  • Doug Ward, Alaska Ship & Drydock
  • Sonya Skan, Ketchikan Indian Community
  • Jim Van Horn, Ketchikan Gateway Borough
  • Bob Boyle, Ex Officio, Ketchikan Gateway Borough School District, ex officio
  • Jack Jackson, US Coast Guard
  • Priscilla Schulte, Interim Provost, & Campus Director, ex officio
  • Chancellor Richard A Caulfield, Ph.D.

The next meeting will be the first meeting of the Fall Semester — October 8 , 2015 from noon to 1:00 p.m. in Paul Building room 305.

Sitka Campus Advisory Council

  • Marlene Clarke, Retired Business Woman (Wrangell)
  • Mark Gorman, Municipal Administrator
  • Bill Hutton, MEHS Superintendent
  • Tiffany Janssen, First National Bank Alaska
  • Anne Morrison, Retired Business Woman (Wrangell)
  • Keith Perkins, Advisory Council Chairman, Rural Development
  • Bonnie Richards, Retired Business Woman
  • Tim Ryan, North Pacific Seafoods
  • Fran Schwuchow, Alaska Employment Services
  • John Stein, Retired Businessman
  • Mary Wegner, Sitka Schools Superintendent
  • Garry White, Sitka Economic Development Association
  • Lillian Nielsen Young, Shee Atika Inc.
  • Commander, Mark Vislay, USCG Air Station, ex officio
  • Paula Martin, UAS Sitka Campus Director (Effective October 5, 2015)
  • Acting Campus Director Denise Blankenship, ex officio
  • Chancellor Richard A Caulfield, Ph.D., ex officio

Sitka Campus Advisory Council meetings are held once a semester

Meetings are held from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in room 219.


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