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Using the context menu

Compared to Cascade CMS 6 and 7

The right-click (or context) menu has been overhauled and expanded for Cascade CMS 8. 

  • Now accessible by right-clicking on any accessible asset. (compared to an arrow to the right of the asset in Cascade 6.xx and 7.xx)
  • Context-based; the folder will only show actions your user account is capable of. For example, if your user account cannot edit a particular page, the Edit option vill not be viewable.
  • Actions have been organized by their nature; day-to-day content changes appear as the top box, separated by a horizontal divider.

Available actions

right-click menu right-click2
  1. View - View the selected asset (above the arrow)
  2. Edit - Edits the selected asset
  3. Publish - Publishes the selected asset (or assets if it is a folder)
  4. Move - Move the selected asset to another folder. If the asset is already published, Cascade CMS will prompt you to unpublish the asset and republish it in its new location. Note: dragging and dropping assets into folders is also permitted.
  5. Rename - Renames the selected asset. If the asset is already published, Cascade CMS will prompt you to unpublish the asset and republish it in its new location. 
  6. Copy - Copies the selected asset to a new location
  7. Delete - Removes the selected asset from Cascade CMS
  8. Unpublish - Removes the selected asset from the published webserver (if applicable)
  9. Access - Set asset-specific access permissions
  10. Access for contents - Sets permissions for content within folders - a follow-on to Access.
  11. Workflows - Set workflows for folders and their contents. Note: this option is only available for folders.
  12. Bulk Change - Change the properties of multiple assets
  13. Relationships - View (and republish) content linked to the selected asset
  14. Audits - See all activity related to the asset (edits made, publishing, moves from one location to another, etc.)
  15. Reference - Creates an aliased link that allows content to appear in other locations
  16. Name - Shows the name of the selected asset
  17. Path - Shows the relative path of the selected asset within a Site. Clicking on the clipboard next to the path will copy the relative path to your computer clipboard.
  18. Site - Shows the Cascade CMS Site that the asset is listed in.