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Upon logging in, every user is greeted with a personalized dashboard showing messages, current workflows, assets checked out, and much more general information. The dashboard can be accessed at any time by selecting "Home" from the main menu.


Introduction to the Dashboard

The dashboard consists of 4 tabs:

  1. Dashboard - offers quick access for creating content, outstanding items, and recently viewed assets.
  2. My Starting Page - links to personnel and department directory files.
  3. Messages - used to display system messages. A message is generated after each publishing instance.
  4. My New Content Wizards - offers assets that have been customized for each department.
  5. Workflows - displays all the user's active workflows. NOT USED AT UAS
  6. Locks - displays a list of all the assets checked out by the current user. NOT RECOMMENDED
  7. My Drafts - lists any asset saved as a draft. NOT RECOMMENDED
  8. My History - lists the last assets visited.

Dashboard Organization

To the left of the Dashboard is the Asset Tree. Under the Base Folder, numerous folders can be created, with each holding a separate site, if desired.  Each site folder will contain folders with content elements organized by type (such as images and blocks) and folders with pages organized in a logical structure as they would appear in a site map. 

The layout of the Home screen is based on the recommendation that it is typically easiest to organize common elements by type.  However, the layout of the Dashboard and the actual structure of content is extremely flexible and entirely up to the user.


Main Window

The main editing window on the right displays the personal dashboard – any workflows or messages waiting, new content wizards, locked assets, and a list of recently visited items.

Starting Page


The Dashboard also shows a Starting Page. The starting page will typically show a list of assets that are available for the user to edit. Administrators are responsible for assigning the starting page, and, depending on how users utilize the system, they may not have the same starting page as other users.


My New Content Wizards


In the section entitled My New Content Wizards, there is a list of pages or assets that can be quickly created from scratch. Because these content wizards are a quick way to manufacture content, they are also known as Asset Factories. The same Content Wizards, or Asset Factories, can be accessed by selecting New on the top menu bar.


Workflows, Messages, Locks, and History

On the Dashboard, there are also sections for Workflows, Messages, Locks, and History. Workflows, Messages, and Locks are available as tabs as well. Clicking on one of these Dashboard Tabs will enable users to view a more comprehensive listing of each category.