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(appears when you log in or when you click the 'Home' link)

Dashboard view


(appears always)


  • Current Site - Dropdown menu
  • Quick Links - Your recent pages and assets visited
  • My Settings - Your user preference
  • Help - links to Hannon Hill web help pages
  • Give Us Feedback - - links to Hannon Hill
  • Log Out

Blue Bar Navigation

(appears always)

blue navigation bar

  • Logo for Hannon Hill
    • Search
    • Publisher
    • Preferences
  • Home - Links to Dashboard home page
  • New - New assets (pages, files, folders, etc)
  • History - Your recent pages and assets visited
  • Tools - Zip Archive (you may import a zip file)

Folders and asset tree

(appear always but can be collapsed)

Collapse the folders tab

They appear by default on all pages, but they can be collapsed by clicking on the small tab arrow at the top right of the folder view frame.

This is the actual folder tree of website. Find your pages and assets here.


(appear when an asset it selected)


  • View
    • Layout - default view
    • Preview - how it would look in a browser (header will look different though)
    • Properties - metadata about the asset
    • Lock - any locks on the asset
    • Configurations - shows all the regions of the configuration
  • Edit
    • Content - the default WYSIWYG editable area and inline metadata input boxes
    • Metadata - additional metadata about the page - input boxes
    • System - system name and folder location
    • Configurations - shows all the regions of the configuration
  • Move/Rename
  • Copy
  • Publish
  • More
    • Delete
    • Reference - represents an existing asset in another location, allowing it to be indexed in multiple folders. Used for personnel files and the directory.
    • Versions - shows all previous versions of the asset.