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Not in CMS dir

These names appear in Banner as employed at UAS but do not have a page in the 'dir' file or the username is different.

Alldredge, EriceaalldredgeStudent Housing
Ayers, WilliambayersjrAcademic Instructional Prog.
Bender, Johnjpbender2Physical Plant Operation & Maint
Bowers, Angelaabowers4Career & Vocational Educ Instr
Collins, Michaelmdcollins3Social Science Instruct Summary
Enriquez, ElizabethelenriquezStudent Housing
Gangle, NoellenngangleDean Arts & Sciences
Gomez Jr, AnastacioamgomezjrPhysical Plant Operation & Maint
Guimmayen, AnalynaguimmayenStudent Housing
Guimmayen, Vicentevtguimmayen01Student Housing
Islas, JosejislasPhysical Plant Operation & Maint
Lee, Thomastmlee6Physical Plant Operation & Maint
Logan, MelissamdloganChancellor Office
Mausbach, MichaelmwmausbachAcademic Admin & Prog Devel
Moises, OrpianoommoisesPhysical Plant Operation & Maint
Mulligan, Chathamcmullig2Physical Plant
Peterson, Russellrjpeterson4Academic/Admin. Computing
Price, Waynewgprice2Humanities Instruction Summary
Rembulat, ArrahamrembulatPhysical Plant Operation & Maint
Ruaro Jr, GeraldjruarojrCareer Center & Continuing Ed
Smith, Kristyksmith26Business Instruct Summary
Thillet Jr, FelixfathilletStudent Activities & Recreation
Washko, ChristophercmwashkoStudent Svcs/Recruit/Fin Aid

Not in banner

These names are in our CMS dir file but not listed as employed at UAS in Banner (The Banner listing does not include Adjuncts). Check to see if the username is correct or if they are emeritus status.

NameUsernameIn Directory?
Anderson, Ryanrlanderson9 Yes
Andes, Ramirriandes Yes
Barile, GabriellagbarileNo
Belec, Patpbelec Yes
Burns, RaganrkburnsNo
Busby, IndiaimbusbyNo
Chenoweth, Ellenemchenoweth Yes
Clarke, Davedsclarke Yes
Collins, Michaelmdcollins Yes
Fanelli, AlexisadamstutzNo
Farr, ClintcfarrNo
Foss, LolalfossNo
Gomez Jr., Anastacioagomez Yes
Guillen, Mannimguillen4No
Guthrie, Johnjfguthrie Yes
Hassell, Sherryslhassell Yes
Hessenius, Angelaamhessenius Yes
Hofeling, Dustindhofeling Yes
Hoffman, Elizabetheahoffman Yes
Horton, Bertha bhorton5 Yes
Ingallinera, Kathyklingallinera Yes
Islas, Josejaislas Yes
Johnson, Haleyhwjohnson Yes
Kaiser, RayrakaiserNo
Kannel, MelissamjkannelNo
Kunat, Monikamkunat Yes
Laster, Martinmlaster Yes
LeCompte, Cathycalecompte Yes
Lipson, Olgaomlipson Yes
Marvel, Davebdmarvel Yes
McNicol, Gavingmcnicol Yes
Mulligan, Chadcmulligan2 Yes
Munro, Petepdmunro Yes
Murdoch, CandacecrmurdochNo
Ortiz, Williamwaortiz Yes
Oydna, Eleanoremoydna Yes
Peterson, Russellrpeterson Yes
Powers Jr., Timothy "Tim"tppowersjr Yes
Price, Waynewgprice Yes
Ramsey, Glenngmramsey Yes
Reynolds, Greggareynolds Yes
Rose, RobertrroseNo
Schirmer, Paulettepmschirmer Yes
Sheakley-Early, Daviddjsheakley Yes
Smith, Kristyksmith Yes
Taff, AliceaetaffNo
Tinsley-Myers, Sherriesatinsleymyers Yes
Weaver, Peggymweave13 Yes
Whale, SpikeswhaleNo
Whale, SpikespikeNo
Wild, Laurenlawild Yes
Wisner, Brittniblwisner Yes

Special Listings

These names have been added to our files with 'z-' to start their username because we want to list them anyway.

NameUsernameIn Directory?
Allen-Herron, Dawnz-ketchikan-adjunct-allen-herronNo
Barber, Valeriez-sitka-adjunct-barberYes
Bursell, Nicholasz-spbac-student-bursellNo
Connor, Cathyz-emeritus-as-clconnorYes
Cottrell, Maxz-sitka-tutor-cottrellYes
Cryderman, Johnz-sitka-adjunct-crydermanYes
Fields , Marjoriez-education-emeritus-fieldsYes
Gard, Richardz-arts-sciences-nat-emeritus-gardYes
Hacker, Richardz-som-emeritus-hackerYes
Haldorson, Lewisz-arts-sciences-nat-emeritus-haldorsonYes
Hartog III, Johnz-sitka-adjunct-hartogYes
Holt, Teresaz-sitka-adjunct-holtYes
Joseph, Tommyz-sitka-adjunct-josephYes
Koester, Susanz-arts-sciences-emeritus-shkoesterYes
Littlefield, Robyz-sitka-adjunct-littlefieldYes
Mackey, Reneez-sitka-adjunct-rmackey2Yes
Motyka, Romanz-arts-sciences-nat-envs-motykaYes
Muntz, Stevez-sitka-adjunct-muntzYes
Ohler , Jasonz-education-emeritus-ohlerYes
Oldaker, Lawrence Leez-emeritus-ed-lloldakerYes
Petersen, Artz-arts-sciences-emeritus-petersenYes
Pugh, Johnz-emeritus-chan-jrpughNo
Risse, Cathyz-sitka-adjunct-risseYes
Sadleir-Hart, Lisaz-sitka-adjunct-sadlier-hartYes
Seater, Ronz-arts-sciences-nat-math-seaterNo
Seeland, Jimz-sitka-adjunct-seelandYes
Sexton, Davidz-sitka-adjunct-sextonYes
Shaw, Jasminez-sitka-uaf-ces-shawYes
Siercks, Bevz-sitka-adjunct-siercksYes
Smith, Amandaz-sitka-adjunct-smithYes
Tabb, Shelliez-ketchikan-library-TabbYes
Terry, Debiz-sitka-adjunct-terryYes
Wade, Marthaz-sitka-adjunct-wadeYes
Wiechelman, Kathleenz-ketchikan-library-wiechelmanYes

Not in directory

These names do not have a reference in our 'directory' file, but they are in the 'dir' file.

NameUsernameIn Banner?
Allen-Herron, Dawnz-ketchikan-adjunct-allen-herronNo
Barile, GabriellagbarileNo
Burns, RaganrkburnsNo
Bursell, Nicholasz-spbac-student-bursellNo
Busby, IndiaimbusbyNo
Fanelli, AlexisadamstutzNo
Farr, ClintcfarrNo
Foss, LolalfossNo
Fylpaa, CroixcfylpaaIn Banner
Guillen, Mannimguillen4No
Harley, Johnjharley3In Banner
Hood, KaylakrhoodIn Banner
Kaiser, RayrakaiserNo
Kannel, MelissamjkannelNo
Murdoch, CandacecrmurdochNo
Pugh, Johnz-emeritus-chan-jrpughNo
Rose, RobertrroseNo
Seater, Ronz-arts-sciences-nat-math-seaterNo
Taff, AliceaetaffNo
Taube, BetheataubeIn Banner
Whale, SpikeswhaleNo
Whale, SpikespikeNo