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This 4 minute video shows the many advantages of submitting an event into the CMS calendar.

For best results, select play followed by HD and open in full screen (buttons next to each other on bottom right of viewing window.

Items to Emphasize:

  • The completion and publishing of one short form will include your event in many on campus calendars. The calendars take many different forms and auto publish on a schedule. If your event form is published upon completion (covered in Campus Event Form) the on campus calendars the list your event will publish automatically on a set schedule. If after a day you don't see your event please bring it to the awareness of the Web Coordinator
  • The off campus displays of your event will occur automatically and are included on various schedules. This video shows sources as Facebook, Twitter and as RSS feeds. These sources will likely change/grow regardless of the video and will be included if you compete and publish your events, with no effort on your part.
  • Sign up to these off campus methods of receiving event information are posted in various online and printed materials. When an index is created for sign up to these sources a link will be provided here.