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This 9 minute video shows the process of entering an event in the CMS. Actual time takes approx. 1 minute per event with practice.

For best results, select play followed by HD and open in full screen (buttons next to each other on bottom right of viewing window.

Items to Emphasize:

  • Events are stored in the Marketing folder, currently (marketing/calendar/events/active/"dept. name". These event forms are stored outside of your dept/service Website.
  • You may create an event using the new menu and pulling up your event configuration file (illustrated in video) or my copying an existing event and editing the form and system name to reflect the new event.
  • When you've completed an event and published the event form the event will not show up on your departmental calendar until you've published your calendar in your own Website. The campus calendar publishes nightly and your event should be listed the following day. If you'd like your own department's calendar to publish nightly please inform the UAS Webmaster.
  • The sponsor of the event completes the form. Often times events are co-sponsored, be sure to communicate with sponsors who completes the Web event form.
  • The system name is part of the URL and so therefore needs to be Web friendly (info. on Web friendly URLS). When naming an event in the system tab be sure to give it something recognizable so you may find it if editing is needed. Default names of event-form, event-form2...etc. are not helpful when needing to locate a file.
  • To view who in your area is responsible for entering events, please view our departmental CMS contributors list (coming soon).