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This 5 minute video shows the process of publishing a page using the UAS CMS.

For best results, select play followed by HD and open in full screen (buttons next to each other on bottom right of viewing window.

Items to Emphasize:

  • If a page is new or deleted from the CMS the entire site must be published due to change effecting navigation
  • Be sure to select the page or asset you wish to publish before selecting the publish tab. If only the content on a page changes and it's not a new page there's no reason to publish your entire folder
  • Be sure to check the que for the status of your publish (see image below).
  • View the messages on your dashboard/home to see if there were any issues with your publish (successful jobs, skipped jobs, broken links...etc)


Que with same job
This screen shot of the que shows what happens when the que is not checked before republishing a page/folder. In this example the helpdesk was currently publishing their entire folder and this contributor as a result started publishing the same file multiple times while also publishing the folder that contained that file. If the contributor had checked the que they would notice that their page was next in line.