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Guidelines for Web Development at UAS

Browser Support

We support the most popular browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer. The newest versions will display the full design of our sites. The older versions will display the content in a fully formatted but simplified manner.

File Size

Many of our users have slow Internet connection speeds. Keep all files as small as possible, especially images, video, and documents. To that end, make sure to optimize (or resize) them before loading them in to the CMS.


If content cannot be displayed as a web page and must be in a document format. Create them as a PDF (Adobe Acrobat) and not Microsoft Document. All users can view a pdf, but not everyone has Microsoft Word or the right version for all files.


Use images to improve the message you are trying to convey in the web page. Use sparingly because they can slow load time on slow connections. We support jpg, gif, png images. Beware that png images will not display properly in IE 6.


Tables should be used for displaying tabular data, not for layout purposes. If you give the table and cells a size it is better to use percentage than pixels.

Flash or Video

Use video only to improve the message you are trying to convey. Use sparingly because they can increase load time on slow connections. Also, beware that Flash will not display on many mobile devices and tablets so alternate content should be made available. If a video has critical information, it should be captioned for accessibility. UAS has a YouTube Channel and video can be hosted on this account and made available on your site if a request is made to the UAS Public and Media Relations Department. In order to post, the video and audio must meet copyright requirements. By posting to the UAS YouTube Channel your video will be accessible to mobile devices, receive increased traffic (last count was over 51,000 views) and have captioning provided.