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Faculty and staff know UAS better than any other group.  By giving back we show our confidence in the university and our support for students.  Our commitment sends a powerful message to the community and encourages others to give. Participation is what matters – gifts of every size make a difference for the education UAS provides to our students.  Thank you for your support!

This year our Deans and Campus Directors have selected the following funds to highlight:


School of Arts & Sciences

Undergraduate Research General Support Endowment Spendable (60209) - Provides general support for Undergraduate Research at UAS. Research grants for undergraduate students simultaneously help train the scientists of tomorrow and provide the manpower necessary to conduct studies of regional & global impact.

School of Management

School of Management Support Fund (20203) - Supports the programs of the UAS School of Management

School of Education

Power Learners (new fund) - Supports the various UAS programs with faculty and/or students that work to improve reading, math and science skills of K-12 students.


Sitka General Scholarship Fund (20410) - for the SITKA START program


UASAA Ketchikan Chapter Scholarship Endowment Principal (80117) - to provide support for Ketchikan students in perpetuity


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