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Michael Collins

Assistant Professor of History 
Arts and Sciences - Social Sciences


Whitehead Bldg 226, Juneau Campus



Research Agenda:  My research revises our understanding of the relationships between imperialism, technology, and culture in examining the attempts to use airplanes to police British colonies in the Middle East and South Asia during the first decades of powered flight.  The tensions between the ideologies of governance that drove these efforts and the violent consequences that resulted from their application produced substantial international controversy.  The ethical problems of imperial authoritarianism raised by this use of aircraft disrupted the hierarchies of gender and race structuring colonial power in the modern era.


Selected Recent Professional Activity:

Review: "Jansen and Osterhammel, Decolonization:  A Short History.” EuropeNow Journal 2, No. 15 (2018):  24-25.

Article: "A Technocratic Vision of the Empire: Lord Montagu and the Origins of the Royal Air Force.” The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History 45, No. 4 (2017): 652-671.

Article: "A Fear of Flying: Diagnosing Traumatic Neurosis among British Aviators, 1914-1918." First World War Studies 16, No. 2 (2015): 187-202.

Conference: Pacific Coast Conference on British Studies, “Unlimited Horizons? Rethinking the Historical Literature on British Flight” (March 2014).

Selected Courses:

"Ethical Eating Across Historical Cultures," The University of the Pacific (Spring 2018)    

"World History Since 1500," The University of the Pacific (Spring 2018) 

"United States History to 1877," American River College (Fall 2017)

"Global Conflict and Peace in the Modern World," The University of California, Davis (Spring 2017) 



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