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Students Transitioning from High School

Students  with disabilities transitioning from high school need to: 

  1. Make an appointment with Disability Services. 
  2. Provide diagnostic and evaluative reports
  3. Request reasonable accommodations that are supported by documentation

Reasonable accommodations include modifications and adjustments that do not fundamentally alter or lower the standards of an instructional program

Students may receive reasonable accommodations to "level the playing field"  but these accommodations are meant to ensure equal access not to guarantee success.

Students also need to be their own advocate

High school students may be used to having parents speak for them.  It can be hard to ask for help and to discuss disability openly.  At Disability Services we understand that and try to provide a safe environment.  However, students must learn to advocate for themselves at the University  For more information on self-advocacy please view our Self-Advocacy website. 

Other Helpful Handouts on High School Transition

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