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The Alaska Department of Education and Early Childhood (EED) and UAS School of Education have created draft course proposals to provide Districts a model for providing instruction, resources, and UAS 593 credits for educators learning to apply and integrate the new Math and English/LA standards. 

Please review these draft course proposals, add your own details (instructor, dates, times, etc.) and submit it to the UAS Professional Education Center (PEC) for review.

Draft Proposals

Content Literacy (doc) (pdf)

Introduction to Alaska's New English, Language Arts, and Math Standards (doc)

Once approved by UAS School of Education, your District would be able to provide these 593 credit courses on the new standards within the accepted timeframe and number of credits by following UAS PEC registation guidelines. 

Please contact Lara Davis or Michael Byer  by phone or email with any questions. 

  • Michael L. Byer
  • Director of PEC
  • Phone: 796-6552

Professional ED S593 Course Offerings

Description and Professional Development Credit

Courses with the number 593 are designed to provide professional development credits for educators that cannot be applied to degree programs. Such courses are post-baccalaureate in nature but are not applicable to degree requirements. They are recognized by the State for recertification purposes.

  • At least 12.5 classroom direct contact hours are required per credit. Distance direct contact hours can be via audio or video teleconference, webinar, or Elluminate. Should it be necessary to use an indirect distance means, the instructor must convert those online hours to in-class hours. This converted total is subject to approval by the Dean of Education.
  • Additionally (per UAS Academic Catalog), “students are expected to put in two hours of outside effort for every one hour in class.” Describe the “outside effort” (i.e. homework, practice, implement, etc.) and hours (1 credit=25 hours, 2 credits=50 hours, and 3 credits=75 hours) in the Course Proposal Form.
  • These courses are usually Pass/No Pass or No Basis, but can be Letter graded. An Incomplete is not an option for an ED S593 course. This is a permanent registration; participants may withdraw for a refund prior to the start date of a course; after a course commences students may not withdraw, and there is a “no refund” policy.
  • These courses are provided on a self-support basis. The sponsoring agency is responsible for the costs of offering the course.
  • UAOnline registration is now available. Please specify on Course Proposal Form.


The sponsoring agency assumes all responsibility for the cost of the course offering.

The University will only assess a per student processing fee of:

  • $45 for 1 credit
  • $60 for 2 credits
  • $75 for 3 credits
  • $15 for every credit thereafter

(Because this is not tuition, UA Tuition waivers cannot be used in lieu of payment.)

Time Guideline for Submission

UAS requests that course proposals be submitted to the appropriate office or Dean or Director a minimum of two weeks prior to the course offering start date. In the event of extenuating circumstances this time frame may be reduced.

Qualifications of Instructors/Applications/Resume

  • Because the coursework is post-baccalaureate, instructors for professional development programs should hold a Master’s degree with significant additional training in the specialty area being addressed, or demonstrate exceptional specialized skill(s).
  • Instructors who do not possess advanced degrees must have a teaching certificate and/or have documented (observation/references/training) the capacity to present the specialized information in such a manner that will enable the educators enrolled to transfer the information into a classroom/teaching environment.
  • It is expected that the ED S593 instructor of record assumes responsibility to assure the quality and relevance to teaching of curriculum/topics/skills presented by other faculty and that these support our mission of strengthening teachers’ practice.
  • Courses should promote informed, responsive and reflective teaching.
  • Instructors of the sponsored course are employed by or are contractors for the sponsoring agency, not UAS.
  • Submit a resume along with the Course Proposal Form, indicating educational background, teaching certificate endorsement, and professional experience in the field of education.

The Instructor of Record CANNOT simultaneously enroll in the course for credit.

Course Proposal Form

  • An official UAS ED S593 Course Proposal Form must be submitted for each offering of the proposed course.
  • The Course Proposal Form must contain information pertaining to objectives of the course, scope of material to be addressed, method(s) of evaluation, and other pertinent information about the management of the course. Indicate contact hours planned and document the manner in which the requirement of professional contact hours will be met.
  • When scheduling these hours, be sure to include one 15-minute break for every three hours of class time. For all day classes, a one-hour lunch break must be added. This would mean there would be 1.5 hours of break time figured in to an all day class. This break/lunch time cannot be counted as part of the direct contact hours, so schedule accordingly.
  • If the scheduled direct contact time hours cannot be met as planned and approved, because of an Instructor emergency or otherwise, the Professional Education Center must be contacted immediately for approval. Upon UAS approval, an amendment to the original direct contact time schedule is possible.
  • If available, submit a course outline/syllabus, or agenda along with the Course Proposal Form.

Student Assessment

Courses offered through the University of Alaska system maintain high quality, support state standards, and reflect best practices for professional development. Multiple methods of measurement, beyond attendance, should be used to assess student progress towards the goals and objectives of the course. Describe expected performances and products on the Course Proposal Form. They should promote informed, responsive and reflective teaching practices.

Registration for Course

Upon final approval of the course proposal:

  • A customized UAS registration form for the course will be provided by PEC to the course coordinator or instructor of record, with instructions for completing the form.
  • Or with prior arrangement, after the course CRN has been assigned, participants may choose to go to: to complete the registration process.

Record of Course Evaluations

Upon completion of the course, submit any completed course evaluations to this office. These evaluations will be used for ongoing improvement of ED 593 courses. A sample evaluation form will be provided in the registration packet.

Please email the completed Course Proposal and documents to:

Address other correspondence to:

University of Alaska Southeast
Professional Education Center (PEC)
Hendrickson Building, Rm 202 (HB2)
11120 Glacier Highway
Juneau, AK 99801
Attention Lara Murphey-Waite

Phone: 907-796-6045
Fax: 907-796-6166

If a student has taken courses with University of Alaska and has a student ID they may choose to register online.

Once the course CRN has been assigned, participants may choose to go to: to complete the registration process.



All education programs through the School of Education at University of Alaska Southeast are accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education, a performance-based teacher accrediting body for schools, colleges, and departments of education recognized by the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development, the U.S. Department of Education, and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.


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