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Endorsement Area in Distance Teaching and e-Learning

In order to help meet Alaska’s K-12 schools need for teachers who are proficient in distance delivery and E-learning, the University of Alaska Southeast’s School of Education offers coursework leading to an endorsement in Distance Teaching and E-Learning.  It provides opportunities for educators to develop advanced competencies in designing, delivering and managing effective online instruction for virtual school contexts. These 18 credits lead to advanced knowledge and skills that will help educators meet Alaska’s demand for distance delivered e-learning options.  

  • 6 credits (maximum) of professional development credits directly related to content, instructional design or educational technology.  Professional development courses must be approved by the Dean of the School of Education and the UAS faculty advisor to be counted toward the endorsement. Acceptable Professional Development courses will include content-area courses and technology courses.
  • EDET 628 Technology in Instructional Design (3 credits) – The focus of this course is to build on basic computing skills and their use within current educational practice of meaningful integration of technology into the classroom environment.  Students will create a standards-based instruction unit modeling appropriate uses of technology to support learning, develop a variety of techniques to use technology to assess student learning of subject matter, and research best practices related to applying appropriate technology resources to enable and empower learners with diverse backgrounds, characteristics and abilities.
  • EDET 637 Differentiating Instruction Through Technology (3 credits) – Focuses on the use of technology as a tool to gauge and facilitate the needs and interests of diverse learners in the classroom. 
  • EDET 674 Virtual Teaching and Learning (3 credits) – Design and implementation of effective online environments and the integration of digital technology into classroom and professional practice.  Students will develop their content knowledge in digital technologies for online communication and professional development.  They will organize and manage digital information, prepare and conduct lessons for online consumption, and evaluate the effectiveness of these lessons. Prerequisite: EDET 628 or instructor permission.
  • EDET 694 Practicum in Virtual Teaching and Learning (3 credits) - A one-semester experience in which the candidate instructs an online course under supervision.

Distance Delivery & e-Learning Professional Development Form


  • Lee Graham
  • Assistant Professor of Education
  • Phone: 796-6047

Applying to the Distance Teaching & e-Learning Endorsement Area

Admission Requirements:

1.  Current Alaska Teaching Certificate ( includes passing Praxis I scores and certificate requirements for Alaska Studies and Multicultural Education)

2.  Two Current letters of recommendation from professionals in education.

3.  Statement of Professional Objectives.

4.  A resume demonstrating successful teaching.

5.  Approval by  Advisor,  Dr. Lee Graham.

Please submitt the above documents to the School of Education Student Services Assistant.  

or mail to: 

Student services Assistant
UAS, School of Education
11120 Glacier Hwy, HB202
Juneau, Alaska 99801


All education programs through the School of Education at University of Alaska Southeast are accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education, a performance-based teacher accrediting body for schools, colleges, and departments of education recognized by the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development, the U.S. Department of Education, and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.


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