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We Offer You the World!

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UAS students in all degree programs can find academic course work of varying lengths (year-long, semester only, and summer options), both nationally and internationally. While "study abroad" costs vary and can guarantee placement, "exchanges" are competitive, do not guarantee placement and are based based on UAS tuition or in-state residency at the national host campus.

Planning is vital to success. Many deadlines are at least six months in advance, and paperwork can be daunting at times. Nevertheless, the benefits to studying away are far greater than you can imagine now.

Take the time to review materials offered, and talk to past participants. Meet with your academic advisor and the Academic Exchange and Study Abroad Coordinator to discuss your goals for studying away and ask how studying away for a year or semester fits into your college career. Create a financial budget and evaluate your funding resources.

Know the facts then work on making the idea of studying away a reality. The experience will change your life!

Be Proactive Now!

Check your international readiness!


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