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Logan Lott
Logan Lott: UAS student in Kenya

Experience of a Lifetime


UAS and ISEP screen applicants thoroughly. Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • 2.75 cumulative UAS GPA with some ISEP locations requiring a 3.0
  • Full-time, degree seeking student
  • In good academic, judicial and financial standing
  • Minimum of 24 earned baccalaureate credits at the time of exchange (16 of which must be from UAS)

Courses, Grades, Credits and Transcripts

Course selection is a part of the application process yet ISEP participants will not register for courses until in country. Hence the need for flexibility and open-mindedness. General education, major, minor, and elective courses may be taken and will be recorded on the UAS transcript. The host institution will send a transcript to ISEP, which in turn will mail it to UAS. The courses are then listed on the UAS transcript with grades, number of credits, and cumulative grade point average.

Financial Aid

Most financial aid will apply to the ISEP program. For more details be sure to visit with a UAS Financial Aid representative.

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