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Scholarship and Grant Information

Many students are interested in studying away yet few have the needed funds right at their finger tips. This is where the knowledge of scholarships and grants become increasingly valuable. Unlike loans that you will have to pay back, scholarships, grants, and fellowships are fully funded by the sponsor and don't require you to pay them back. Applying for such financial aid sources is a process that can ease your financial woes. It is highly recommended that you work with the UAS Financial Aid office to to plan for and create a realistic budget for studying away.


Though scholarships may be offered directly through the university's Financial Aid office, they may also be found through a funded or private source such as a local business, organization, or church. If you have not yet spoken to a Financial Aid representative at the university make it a priority to set up an appointment and discuss your options. Then look into other avenues through your host university or the administrative program. There are also corporate sponsors that offer additional services, products and discounts for travel, phone cards, guidebooks and more. Surfing the Internet may also find new study abroad scholarship options as well. Below are some options to check out:

Program or Location Specific Scholarships

Students participating in international study abroad programs are encouraged to research program specific scholarship opportunities. Scholarships can be merit or need-based and can range from $250 to $3000. Application deadlines are noted on each web site. 


You may attain a study abroad grant through applying directly to, or by checking with the Financial Aid office to see what grants are offered here. Student travel grants are awarded to full-time undergraduate or graduate students to help pay for transportation, food, and lodging.


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