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The FP&C project managers work on planning and design through construction for new and existing buildings and associated physical elements of UAS campuses in Juneau, Ketchikan and Sitka.  Their office is located at the Facilities Annex, 11440 Glacier Hwy.

Artist Renderings of the Auke Bay Marine Station

FP&C Staff

Pua Maunu

Planning and Construction, Project Manager

Phone: 796-6262


Facilities Services

Juneau Campus

Ke Mell

Planning and Construction, Project Manager

Phone: 796-6480


Facilities Services

Juneau Campus

Juneau Campus Projects

Campus Modifications and Space Planning

Mourant Window Replacement, Phase II

Phase I, in 2017, replaced most of the second floor windows facing the lake. This year we are replacing most of the remaining second floor windows, and all the first floor windows facing the lake. The existing windows are original to Mourant, or over 35 years old. The seals on the existing windows have failed, hence the fogging you may have noticed. The new widows will have much better thermal performance.

Auke Lake Railing Replacement

The wood guardrail on the lake side of Novatney (and possibly Whitehead) will be replaced with a modular metal guardrail. The existing guardrail does not meet current codes; the new metal guardrail will require less maintenance, as it will not need painting every few years. 

Banfield Hall Fire Alarm System Replacement

The fire alarm system in Banfield will be replaced between finals week and mid-May. The existing fire alarm system is original to the building—over 20 years old--and has outlived its service life.

Housing Lodge Fuel Tank Replacement

The underground fuel tank will be replaced with a double-walled fuel tank with leak detection monitoring. The existing tanks is original to construction of the lodge, or over 35 years old, and at the end of its service life, although there is no evidence of leakage.

Sitka Campus Projects


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