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Appendix One
University Operations During a Pandemic

If there is a pandemic overseas, the University will maintain normal operations. However, the University will enforce its travel policies (see below.)

During a pandemic, thousands of people can arrive in the United States from affected areas to participate in gatherings such as academic courses, business meetings, or sporting events. The University will strive to provide a consistent, rational approach to outbreak prevention without unnecessarily stigmatizing these groups or interfering with collegial pursuits, commerce, and other important activities. We will closely monitor CDC recommendations on canceling or postponing of classes, meetings or other gatherings that will include persons traveling to the United States from affected areas.

The following are interim recommendations to assist persons who are organizing gatherings of students and other persons traveling to the United States from pandemic regions, including gatherings in academic settings, business meetings, or sporting events, etc. These recommendations are based on the experience in the United States with past epidemics. If organization representatives become aware of a person from a pandemic area who develops signs/symptoms consistent with the disease of concern, the following steps should be taken:

  • Exclude the ill person from activities (e.g., classes, meetings, and other public areas) and locate him/her in a separate area to minimize contact with other people while awaiting further medical evaluation.
  • Alert appropriate healthcare personnel that an individual with risk factors requires evaluation, so that advance preparations can be made to implement infection control procedures to prevent transmission to others during transport and in the healthcare setting.
  • Remind the treating healthcare provider to notify the appropriate state or local health officials if the outbreak disease is suspected. Further information for healthcare providers about disease-specific management may be found on the CDC website. (

If there is a pandemic overseas and sporadic cases are diagnosed in the United States, Canada, or Mexico the University will likely maintain normal operations but will consider measures identified in Annex F.

Recommendations may also be made by the Crisis Response Team to implement measures to decrease transmission of germs on campus, which may include:

  • Increased environmental services on campus, with emphasis on frequent wipe-down of community surfaces (e.g. tables, doorknobs, phones, etc.) with antibacterial/antiviral cleaning agents.
  • Increased availability of tissues and hand sanitizers in housing halls and academic building common areas.
  • Availability of face masks.

If there is a pandemic within the United States, Canada, or Mexico the University will follow its Annex F procedures in consultation with national, regional and local health officials.

  • University policy will comply with any federal recommendations or mandates such as quarantine or shelter-in-place
  • The University will work closely with the Department of Public Health to obtain prophylactic medications or vaccines for the University community if appropriate and available.
  • If the University goes to Internet-only classes or closes, it may assess the safety of students’ travel to regions outside of the Fairbanks North Star Borough area. Accommodations may be arranged for students who are absolutely unable to return home during University closure.
  • During this process, the above recommendations for environmental sanitation will be implemented.



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