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Epidemic and Pandemic
Planning, Response, and Recovery

Possible Disruptions to Normal Operations of the University: Epidemics and pandemics pose the significant possibility that support elements, external resources, infrastructure, and day-to-day operations can be adversely affected or even disrupted because of illness or precautions necessitated by illness. Consequently, in order to preserve our operations – including alternate methods – and to restore normal operations as rapidly as is both advisable and possible it is in the University’s interest to identify both these potential considerations and the decision points and option sets that the University should include in planning for, responding to, and recovering from disruptions attendant to public health related incidents.

Each disease will include its own specific details such as incubation period, methods of transmission, duration of contagious illness, availability of effective vaccines, etc. Consequently, this annex will include specific disease Appendices. These Appendices will be numbered sequentially based upon the identification of the specific threat to health and normal operations of the University.


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