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Jan 17

All Day - First Day of Spring Instruction

11:30AM - Student Government Meeting

Jan 18

12:00PM - Noontime Cardio

Jan 19

1:00PM - "Liquid Sunshine" Blueberry Smoothies & Vit."D"

Jan 20

All Day - Web Registration Ends at Midnight for Short-Term Classes

7:00PM - The Inauguration of a New Era of Climate Change?

Jan 21

All Day - REC Guard Closure

Jan 22

All Day - REC Guard Closure

Jan 23

12:00PM - Noontime Cardio

7:00PM - Open Gym: Dodgeball

7:00PM - Climbing Cert Night

Jan 24

11:30AM - Student Government Meeting

7:00PM - Open Gym: Basketball

What's New?

Noontime Cardio

Energize at lunch... it's your time!

Don't eat at your desk... energize!

All levels of fitness are welcomed to attend this full body core and cardio class. Perfect for that lunch time activity that will have you motivated and energized for the rest of your day! $5 for REC Members, $10 UAS Affiliates. Punch cards available at discount for REC Members. Payroll deduction is $13/pay period for an individual... join today!

 Find out more on the REC fitness page.

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