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Feb 10

9:30AM - Coffee with Student Government

12:00PM - Cardio & Core Conditioning

6:00PM - Climbing Wall Orientations

6:00PM - Student Budget Forum

7:00PM - Intramural: Volleyball

Feb 11

4:00PM - Media Club Meeting

7:00PM - Juneau Audubon Meetings

7:00PM - Intramural: Soccer

9:00PM - BCM Club Weekly Meetings

Feb 12

10:00AM - The UAS Second Annual Sex on the Beach Event

9:00AM - Dancing Phalanges Club Meeting

5:00PM - Craft Club Meeting

7:00PM - Sound and Motion - Yup’ik Singing & Drumming

Feb 13

11:15AM - Saturday Sweat

5:00PM - Gaming Club Meeting

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