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Recent Publications

UAS ceremony honors 670 grads

Juneau Empire - The number of University of Alaska Southeast degrees, certificates and licenses handed out during a ceremony on Sunday were among the most ever, according to the university. UAS graduates received their diplomas during a commencement ceremony held Sunday at the Charles Gamble Jr.-Donald Sperl Joint Use Facility. UAS awarded 755 associate, bachelor, and master’s degrees along with occupational endorsements, certificates, and professional licensures. Awards were granted to 670 graduates from the Juneau, Ketchikan and Sitka campuses. ...More

Interview - Tlingit linguist says language carries wisdom of elders

KNBA - Most of Alaska’s twenty Native languages are going extinct. However, a Native languages assistant professor at the University of Alaska Southeast is bucking that tide. Lance X’uneit Twitchell worked hard to learn Tlingit, a language used by his family for thousands of years. Tlingit people have a rich and complex high civilization along the Pacific coast in Southeast Alaska famous for its totem poles, clan system, regalia, rich poetry and formal rhetoric. ...More


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