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University of Alaska Statewide Foundation Scholarships

The deadline for submitting the 2019-2020 UA Foundation scholarship application is February 15, 2019.

The deadline to submit your scholarship application is 11:59 pm on Friday, February 15th. Please note that you must first submit an admission application, and admission applications submitted after 5:00 pm on Friday, February 15th will not be processed until the next business day. If you have questions, or don't know your student ID number, please call 907-796-6100.

Outside Scholarships

Students must notify our office of all outside awards received, including those that were paid directly to you. Please use the Financial Aid Update Form to do so.

In general our policies are:

  • Scholarship agencies should send your awards directly to our office. See below for our contact information.
  • We prefer that your scholarship check be made payable to University of Alaska Southeast in order to credit it directly to your university bill. Your full name and student ID number should be included in the memo section of the check.
  • If your scholarship check has been sent to the Financial Aid Office, but is made payable to you or co-payable to you and UAS, you will need to stop by Student Accounts in the Novatney Building to endorse the check.
  • Awards of $1000 or more are split in half and credited over the fall and spring semester of the academic year, unless an agency specifies otherwise.
  • If you have multiple outside awards that impact your eligibility for need-based funds, you may want to postpone disbursement of some of the awards until future academic years. UAS cannot hold outside award funds for future years, so you will need to ask the scholarship provider if they would be willing to wait until a future year to disburse your award.

Alaska Performance Scholarship (APS)

The Alaska Performance Scholarship (APS)  was proposed in 2010  improve high school performance and better prepare Alaskans for postsecondary education and career success. Alaska Commission on Post Secondary Education will be administrating this scholarship. For more information and Frequently Asked Questions please view ACPE's website. You also can be alerted for more scholarship information through their system.

Nationwide Scholarship Database

Want to figure out where you are going?

Check out these search engines for scholarships:


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