The Edward and Anna Range Schmidt Charitable Trust

Category: Sciences
Included in Application: None
Application deadline:
Description: Financial assistance from the Trust will be given to selected qualifying students who show academic and personal promise, but for reasons beyond their control or immediate solution, may have been bypassed by traditional support systems. This assistance is intended to aid the students obtain education, related internships, and other employment in Alaska, with Alaskan educational institutions and Alaskan employers. The Trust is not intended to provide traditional educational funding, such as scholarships or loans, but rather to provide financial assistance for immediate or short-term monetary aid.

Students and programs in sciences, especially earth and environmental sciences, are eligible for grants. Alaska Natives and other minorities are strongly urged to apply. Grants are awarded for a variety of expenses incurred by students. These may include internship support, travel and/or expenses related to workshops and science fairs, support needed to secure employment in science-related fields, or emergency needs. Application may be made at any time. Requests are given immediate consideration.

Application should be made by letter from a Sponsor. A Sponsor may be a teacher, advisor, or other adult familiar with the grant applicant’s situation. The Sponsor’s letter should describe the grant applicant, the nature of the financial need, and amount of grant requested. The letter should also include the Sponsor’s and applicant’s telephone numbers and addresses. A letter from the applicant and/or other supporting material would be helpful.

Send applications to: The Edward and Anna Range Schmidt Charitable Trust P.O. Box 770982 Eagle River, Alaska 99577

For more information please contact Nora Shew at 1.907.786.7448