GCI Workforce Development Scholarship

Category: General
Included in Application: None
Link: https://www.gci.com/-/media/files/gci/hr-docs/gci-scholarship-application-3-28.pdf?la=en
Application deadline: 04-30-2018

GCI is committed to developing Alaska's next generation of leaders in engineering, software design and development, as well as science, math, entrepreneurship, and community leadership through continuing education. Beginning April 1st, we will welcome applications from highly motivated Alaskan students statewide. The 2018 GCI Scholarship Program will award $2,000 scholarships to 70 students for the 2018-2019 academic year. These funds can be used for both tuition and books. 

Requirements: The GCI scholarship application includes information about the student’s academic and work history, a short essay question, and a brief questionnaire to be filled out by the student’s high school or college counselor or advisor, an instructor, or a work supervisor.