KIC Mary Jones Excellence in Healthcare Scholarship

Category: Native
Included in Application: None
Link: /financial_aid/scholarships/files/ketchikan/docs/2019-2020 Mary Jones Healthcare Scholarship Student Application.pdf
Application deadline: 05-10-2019

The Mary Jones Excellence in Healthcare scholarship program is established to provide continuity of care in KIC’s Tribal Health Clinic by supporting our KIC citizens in obtaining education in the medical field. The program will provide financial support in order to encourage the growth of our own medical professionals to provide the best possible care to our people.

This scholarship is offered to enrolled KIC tribal members who are pursuing accredited degree programs in one of the following medical fields (listed below), and agree to one-year of full-time service in KIC’s Tribal Health Clinic per year of funding. Scholarship recipients must also agree to and demonstrate they are capable of fulfilling the service agreement, if funded, and remain in good academic standing throughout the course of the program.

  •  Nursing
  •  Medicine-related sciences
  •  Dentistry
  •  Pharmacy
  •  Medical coding and billing
  •  Healthcare administration
  •  Behavioral health
  • Must be an enrolled KIC member
  • Must have a high school diploma or its equivalent
  • Must be admitted to a degree program at a regionally accredited, non-profit institution

Applications must be received or postmarked by May 10, 2019 by 5pm Alaska time. Please read the application thoroughly, and see the last page of the application for required documents and accepted placeholders. If you have any additional questions, please contact Cameron Sivertsen at (907) 228-9229 or by email: