UAS Ketchikan AA/AAS/Certificate Summer 2014 Semester Tuition Waiver Scholarship

Category: Miscellaneous
Included in Application: None
Link: AAS.pdf
Application deadline: 04-25-2014

The UAS Ketchikan AA/AAS/Certificate Tuition Waiver Scholarship is offered to UAS Ketchikan students admitted in a Certificate or Associate-level degree program in Ketchikan. Students in a UAS Juneau e-Learning Bachelor's degree program may also apply if they intend to enroll in a summer 2014 semester UAS Ketchikan campus course.  A tuition scholarship is a credit toward tuition you are charged to attend UAS; it is not a cash scholarship. The tuition waiver will not cover fees or books associated with your courses, nor is it transferable to courses taken through any other UA campus.


To receive this award, you must:

  • be admitted in a UAS Ketchikan Associate-level or Certificate program, or
  • be admitted in a UAS Juneau e-Learning Baccalaureate program and enrolled in a UAS Ketchikan course
  • have completed the FAFSA
  • be in compliance with UAS Satisfactory Academic Progress standards, and
  • use the tuition waiver credits toward UAS Ketchikan courses in the semester awarded