Sharon “Christa” McAuliffe Memorial Scholarship

Category: General
Included in Application: None
Link: /financial_aid/scholarships/files/ketchikan/docs/McAuliffe spring semester app.pdf
Application deadline: 12-08-2014

Spring 2015 Award:   This UAS Ketchikan campus student council-sponsored scholarship focuses on students who have financial need and also recognizes the following qualities: Campus and community involvement, academic achievement, and leadership.


  Scholarship candidates must meet the following qualifications:

    • be enrolled as a degree-seeking student
    • be at least a half-time student (enrolled in or planning to enroll in at least six credit hours)
    • be enrolled in at least three credit hours at UAS Ketchikan
    • be a resident of Ketchikan 
The candidate must be at least a half-time student (enrolled or planning to enroll for six or more credit hours from UASK). UASK students living in Ketchikan must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits with at least three credits from UASK.